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Industry pain point

  • Difficult manage

    High management costs and recruitment difficulties

  • Intensive labor

    Long working hours and exposure to the sun

  • High staffing costs

    High turnover rate and high training costs

  • High security risk

    High frequency of traffic accidents on delivery routes


  • Full-time delivery

    Improve the efficiency of express delivery in the process of sorting and transferring, high safety factor in the transportation process, and reduce the cost of operation and maintenance in the later stage

  • Fully controllable

    Can realize loading, distribution process full monitoring, the whole chain to ensure the safety of customer goods

  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency

    Compared with the traditional distributor, it can pay back the cost in 1-2 years, the transportation process has a high safety factor, and the later operation and maintenance costs are reduced

  • Information management

    Through the operation platform, real-time monitoring of vehicle operation routes and operation status, and data-intensive statistics of the business situation